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Can you go to College without a High School Diploma

Going to college is usually everyone’s dreams although there are certain things that may cause problems along the way like failure to complete high school but that should not stop you from realizing it. For you to pursue various college and university programs, having a GED is a necessity in most but not all colleges and universities since there are a few exceptions. In case you didn’t finish high school, you can still proceed with your career. Besides having to buy a diploma, here are ways to get into college without it.

If you didn’t complete high school, you can do so by attending adult high school to get the diploma you never had while it also opens new opportunities in your social life. If you don’t want to buy a diploma or attending adult high school is not an option for you, then apply for college as a non-traditional student; most colleges have slots for people who never went to college but dropped out and this is good because your skills and experience will count.

In case you only want to learn a certain skills and do not want to buy a diploma, you can go to college if you don’t have a high school diploma by becoming a non-degree student; you are only awarded a certificate at the end of the training. If you aren’t thinking to buy a diploma, then you can attend both college and high school at the by finding a college that has dual enrollment course; what is better than attending high school for a diploma and college for a degree at the same time.

If you don’t have a high school diploma, you can achieve your dream of going to college without much trouble or having to buy a diploma by opting for home schooling. Before you think of buying a diploma, take a different approach like choosing a college and then using your experience and skills to earn you credits.

Not everyone is comfortable studying for GED but if you reside in those states that provide different tests that are equivalent to GED then you are luck since you can study for them and qualify for college. Trade school offers a good option if you want to further your education but you don’t have a GED so long as you pass the entry exam. This article highlights that you don’t really need a high school diploma to go to college.